Monthly Archives: October 2009

Paul’s Television Debut

After Janice Edwards of NBC read Approaching Neverland, she called me to say that she loved the story of Paul’s and my relationship and asked if I thought Paul would be willing to come on her Bay Area Vista show with me.

After two days of excuses of why he couldn’t go on the show, Paul finally relented and met me at the NBC studio in San Jose for the taping.

I knew I was in serious jeapardy of being upstaged by him when, after we sat down together for the taping, Janice whispered in my ear “I see what you mean about those blue eyes.” He went on to steal the show. I hate him. Okay — just kidding, but watch the show and I think you’ll see what I mean. You’ll also see that I’m still struggling with my outfit choices. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure it out. Next time, I’m taking a tip from Paul and wearing a plain black t shirt.

Tune in to watch Paul’s debut for Approaching Neverland:

Tuesday, Oct. 27th (tomorrow night) at 7:00 pm and 12 Midnight
Bay Area Vista with Janice Edwards
NBC, KCSM TV, Channel 17

Tuesday, Nov. 10th at 7:00 pm and 12 Midnight
Bay Area Vista with Janice Edwards
NBC, KCSM TV, Channel 17

Pleasanton Library 10/11 at 2 pm

If you’re not doing anything this Sunday, Oct. 11 at 2 pm come on down to the Pleasanton Library at 400 Old Bernal Ave. and listen to me yap about Approaching Neverland. Hecklers are welcome. Can I lure you with homemade chocolate chip cookies????

Interview with Robin Fahr To Run Oct. 5-12!

I had a great time tapingĀ  “Conversations with Robin Fahr” this week. Robin is very down to earth and we had a great time joking (off camera) about hot flashes under the bright television lights . I was thrilled to hear that TV 30 (Tri-Valley Community Television) will be running our interview several times a day all next week, Oct. 5-12. Hopefully those hot flashes won’t be too obvious!