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Paper Tabs

Now that I’ve taken Joan out of her photo, I need to decide what she should wear. Here we are circa 1958. My red white and blue sailor dress continues to be my favorite dress of all time. 

Joan, on the other hand, didn’t have a favorite dress. Every dress suited her just fine and seemed pleased to have the good fortune to be on her body.

Now I have the great pleasure of dressing her as I would a paper doll. What to have Joan wear? Well let’s see. I like to think that if she were still around, she’d be living in a cottage on a steep hillside near Innsbrook. Some snow is still on the ground but green grass and occasional wildflowers are beginning to emerge.

Let’s go for a look of Bavarian simplicity:

Relaxed turtleneck the color of wet sand fitted at the waist above your not too tight hip hugging pants; clogs with woven socks; hair looped with one motion in a bun atop your head. I’ll keep you there for now, paper tabs tucked carefully in place, and watch as you sweep the ashes from your hearth while the kindling sparks.